Terms of use

Terms of Use LifeStory4U.com

1. Introduction

These Terms of Use govern access to content and services published at LifeStory4U.com (hereinafter “LifeStory4U.com”) by the operator OnlyU Group s.r.o., Lupáčova 891/7, Žižkov, 130 00 Prague 3, Czech Republic VAT ID: CZ08758042 (hereinafter the „Operator“).

2. Registration

1. By registering at LifeStory4U.com, the User of LifeStory4U.com (hereinafter the “User”) is granted access to those parts and services that are conditional upon the registration by the Operator’s decision. In order to use certain parts or services at LifeStory4U.com, the Operator may be require the User to meet other conditions (e.g. for competitions).

2. The method of registration and the data required for registration, as well as for logging in of a registered User on LifeStory4U.com, shall be determined by the Operator. The Operator is entitled to change the rules for registration and access to LifeStory4U.com.

3. If the User violates the provisions of these Terms of Use or legal regulation when accessing LifeStory4U.com, or violates the conditions of a competition, online game or any other event held at LifeStory4U.com, or if the Operator reasonably suspects that the User’s registration data is being used by another person, the Operator shall be entitled to suspend or revoke the User’s access to LifeStory4U.com based on his or her registration.

3. Participation in discussion and competitions

1. Discussion posts must not conflict with the laws and regulations of the Czech Republic. Posts must not contain vulgar or obscene language and insults, acts of aggression and humiliation, promote any discrimination (especially racial, national, religious, on grounds of sex, health status) or their promotion. Posts must not interfere with personal rights of natural persons and the right to the protection of the name, reputation, and privacy of legal persons.

2. Furthermore, discussion posts must not contain hidden or obvious advertising.

3. Users may not interrupt discussion by sending posts outside the factual context of the discussion or recurring posts with identical text.

4. The Operator reserves the right to delete any discussion post, or all discussion posts, in contradiction with the rules set out in this articlewithout giving reasons. In particular, the Operator shall delete such discussion post without delay.

5. The Operator reserves the right to ban the User who has repeatedly violated the rules set out in this article from participating in the discussion. In justified cases, the Operator may decide to ban the User from accessing the discussion for other reasons as well.

6. Wins in competitions are decided by the Operator based on individual competition rules. There is no appeal against the Operator’s decision to win and the Operator may change its decision on the win.

7. If a User is reasonably suspected of violating the rules of the competition or violating these Terms of Use, the Operator may exclude the User from the competition.

8. Users, who block advertisement, cannot participate in competitions.

5. Other rights and obligations of Users associated with registering and making content available or providing another service available on LifeStory4U.com

1. The User may request termination of his or her account at any time by sending an e-mail to kloucek@lifeStory4U.com from an e-mail address associated with his or her account. The Operator is obliged to cancel the User’s registration and delete User’s personal data except for those data which the Operator may process even without the User’s consent.

2. The User must secure his or her registration and logging information required for accessing the content or for provision of another service at LifeStory4U.com from being misused by another person.

3. Users must use LifeStory4U.com in such a way that other Users are not excluded from the use of LifeStory4U.com and not to compromise nor damage the functionality of LifeStory4U.com nor the provision of the Operator’s services.

4. If User’s personal information is needed to access the registration, content, or provision of another service at LifeStory4U.com, the User must provide true information.

5. Users are not entitled to place their own contents at LifeStory4U.com with the exception of cases where the Operator explicitly allows it (discussion, competitions). In such case, Users must respect the rules for placing their own content at LifeStory4U.com.

6. Copyright Protection

1. Materials published at LifeStory4U.com have a character of a copyrighted work and as such are subject to protection under the Act No. 121/2000 Sb. on Copyright.

2. Users may use copyrighted works published at LifeStory4U.com for personal purposes only. It is prohibited to publish or expand on the content published at LifeStory4U.com or its parts. It is also prohibited to edit or modify the content published at LifeStory4U.com or its parts. Users may store or copy individual content items published at LifeStory4U.com for personal purposes only.

3. It is prohibited to use the copyrighted works published at LifeStory4U.com in mass media, including the use for reporting purposes, except where the Operator gives its consent for such use.

4. By placing the content at LifeStory4U.com under the Art. IV section 6 or by providing the Operator with a visual, audio, text or audiovisual material through LifeStory4U.com, the User grants the Operator the licence to use such content or material, if such material has the characteristics associated with copyrighted work or is protected by copyright law, and grants the Operator the right to merge such material with another content or material and to modify it for publication purposes. The User is obliged to provide the Operator with only such content or material to which he or she is entitled to grant the Operator the rights referred to in this paragraph. In the event of a breach of this obligation, the User is liable to the Operator for the damage.

7. Other provisions

1. The Operator is entitled to amend these Terms of Use of LifeStory4U.com operated by OnlyU Group s.r.o., Lupáčova 891/7, Žižkov, 130 00 Prague 3, Czech Republic DIC: CZ08758042. The Operator will publish information on such an amendment to LifeStory4U.com no later than 30 days before the amendment comes into effect.

2. The Operator is entitled to discontinue or terminate LifeStory4U.com, its individual sections or parts, and the provision of services through the website at any time.

3. The Operator operates LifeStory4U.com by choice and in the form and scope of functionality determined by it. The Operator notes that, despite the care it takes for the websites and the security of their operations, it is not possible to rule out their temporary, partial or complete non-functioning.

4. The Operator is not liable for the functionality of links to other websites published at LifeStory4U.com.

These Terms of Use come into force and effect on 01.02.2020.