Sarah (38): My husband’s vanity caused a lot of problems. We ended up on the streets

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Sarah has always loved Dominick because he is really conscientious and handy. He never asked for help and he was always able to do everything by himself. But his independence made a lot of problems for Sarah and Dominick.

This article is based on our reader’s story. All pictures shown are for illustrative purposes only. The names of the persons have been changed at the request of our reader.

“I was very happy that Dominick used to do everything by himself and he usually didn’t need to call professionals to fix something in our house. But when there was something he couldn’t do alone, he wouldn’t call someone to help him.

He wanted to do everything by himself and didn’t want to pay the professionals.

“We decided to renovate our fire place, which we weren’t using for a long time. The first necessary thing was to clean the chimney. We also knew that we had to clean the second chimney which was connected to the boiler,” Sarah says.

“My husband refused my idea that we should call someone to do it. He started looking up on the internet how to clean the chimney alone. He has never done anything like that before, but he kept saying that this would be easy for him.”

Dominick assumed that you don’t have to be consistent while cleaning the chimney

“When he told me what he was about to do, we had a fight. I had a feeling that someone who understands this job would do it better. I didn’t know that everything would end up in disaster.”

Dominick didn’t want to pay for something that he could do for free, so he cleaned the chimneys by himself.

“Everything was fine for some time. Even though we had a smoke in our house and also had some fights, everything was okay after a while and I had a feeling, that my husband did a great job.”

We live at my mother’s place. Our house has turned into debris

After a month of not using the fire place, they decided to have a nice evening one day.

“We fell asleep and let the fire burn out by itself, as we always did. We woke up at night and our house was full of smoke,” Sarah says. That night, half of our house burned down. The firefighters did their best but our house is really damaged and we can’t live in there.” Sarah and Dominick moved to Sarah’s mother. She’s not happy to have them in her house.

“Even though she doesn’t say it out loud, I can see, that she would be happier if we found a new place to live. Dominick goes to our old house often to try fix everything he can,” Sarah continues.


“I’m still scared that we won’t be able to move back and we would have to find a new place. Unfortunately, my husband’s vanity was really expensive. I don’t know what we will do,” Sarah adds. Sarah says that Dominick admitted his fault and apologized to Sarah a lot of times.

I’m mad at him, but I can see he is trying to do his best. I hope that we will be able to solve this problem and everything will go back to normal.

Author: Cheryl Rush