Nicole (30): My husband is addicted to video games. He spends days and nights at the computer

I got married five years ago. At that time, I thought I was marrying an adult and a mature man. I love Jonathan with all my heart, but there is one thing I hate about him. He is addicted to video games and he spends too much time playing them.

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He always loved gaming

It wouldn’t be fair to say that my husband has started playing games only recently. He loved them even when we started dating. I didn’t mind too much when he sat down at his computer, turned on one of his favourite games and spent the whole night playing it. His friends would often come to our house and played the games together all weekend. I tolerated it, I had hobbies of my own. But enough is enough.

He forgot to go to work

Jonathan’s addiction to video games began to worsen, at least in my eyes. He always said that he was definitely not addicted. But he even forgot to go to work on multiple occasions after spending the whole night playing games. It was hardly a surprise that he eventually got fired. He didn’t seem to mind, though, and he wasn’t rushing to find a new job. Instead, he began spending not only nights but also days gaming.

As a wife, I feel neglected

When it comes to our marriage and certain activities, honestly, I feel neglected. Even though the lack of intimacy behind the closed bedroom door is usually a men’s problem, I feel overlooked. My husband would rather play games than take me to dinner, go to the movies with me or just sit on the couch and watch TV.

He prefers to sit all day and night at his computer, he does not care about me and lets me take care of everything on my own.

I provide for my dependent husband

It’s been six months since my husband was fired from his job. I’ve been supporting him for six months, I pay all the bills, I buy food, I take care of everything. And him? The only thing he cares about is when a new game comes out, whether it has the best rankings and whether he’s surpassed his high score.


I don’t like the way we live. I’m tired of spending evenings alone in the bedroom while my husband sits in the living room laughing with his friends. I’m fed up with all the worries. I’m running out of patience for paying all our expenses and I don’t have any money left for my hobbies. It seems that Jonathan doesn’t care.

When we fight, he looks worried and guilty for a while, but a few hours later he’s happily playing his games again. I’m sick of it all.

Author: Nicole Grease

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