Monica (40): My friends are envious of my perfect husband. No one knows I stay with him for his money

Not every woman was so lucky to meet her Prince Charming. Monica was on a good path, she married a man who loved her to the moon and back. He would do anything for her. It wasn’t so surprising that her friends got envious of her husband and claimed he was the perfect match. But none of them knew of the real reason why Mrs Monica married him.

The article was written based on the story of our reader. The photos are for illustration purposes only and the names of the people have been changed at the request of the reader.

Everyone thought it was love like a hurricane

‘When I married Luke, everyone around me thought I was marrying him for love. At first sight, that’s probably what our relationship really looked like, because I’ve heard more than once that we’re a joy to behold,’ Monica explains . ‘If I had revealed the real reason why I had agreed to marry him, my reputation would have been ruined. ‘

The relationship between Mrs Monica and Luke seemed perfect. Their friends often said that they seem to be in love. Luke was certainly in love with Monica, but she wasn’t all that sure about her feelings.

I loved his money more than I loved him

Mrs Monica keeps no secret that Luke was very well off. He inherited a company from his father and that made him good money. That was the thing that attracted Monica the most.

‘I’d hate to describe myself as a gold digger,’ says Mrs Monica, then adds that she only really started dating Luke for his money. ‘Growing up in poor circumstances, my parents certainly didn’t have a lot of money, and Luke’s wealth was something completely new and incredibly attractive to me, ‘ she explains.

My friends are envious of me

‘In my friends’ eyes, Luke is an absolutely show-off husband. He would make any of my wishes come true. More than once I heard from my friends how incredibly lucky I had been to marry him. But neither of them have any idea what my reason really was.’

Mrs Monica confesses that, of course, she is not indifferent to Luke. But when we ask her if she really loves her husband, she hesitates. After a moment of silence, she replies that she likes him, but isn’t sure that she actually loves him.

I enjoy a life of luxury and don’t think about the consequences

Mrs Monica says that she enjoys living large. She also reveals that she doesn’t think at all about the consequences her actions might have.

‘I’m very aware that I’m not being fair to my husband one bit. On the other hand, after so many years, I can’t imagine changing my life,’ says Mrs Monica.


‘Luke provides me with luxury, which I enjoy to the max. If he knew the truth, he’d dump me in a second, and I’d have to live like I used to when I was a kid. And there is no way I will let that happen, even at the cost of the big lie,’ Mrs Monica ends her story.

Author: Nicole Grease

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