Mark (22): A classmate fell in love with me. She wanted to get me at all costs and she was ready to do anything

When I started studying English language and literature with a focus on history, I was pleasantly surprised that this field is of particular interest to women. In addition, many of my classmates were very handsome. I could not wait for the next three years spent surrounded by beautiful classmates.

The article was written based on the reader’s story. The photos are for illustration purposes only and the names of the people have been changed at the request of the reader.

I was flattered that she was interested in me

After less than a month, I began to notice that a classmate was peeking at me. She was such a tiny brunette that I couldn’t say I didn’t like her.

But if I were to be completely honest, I liked another classmate – blonde Camila – much more. So, although my classmate’s interest heightened my vain male ego, I set myself the goal of getting Camila.

That’s why I ignored the other classmate’s attempts with a smile on my face, hoping she would soon realize that I wasn’t interested.

I began to feel like I had her behind my back all the time

Several weeks have passed and my attempt to get my classmate Camila has still not been successful. Although I made it very clear to Camila that I liked her and that I would care for her, she didn’t seem to notice my efforts at all or she ignored them very cleverly.

On the other hand, another classmate, Danielle, as the petite brunette was called, vehemently tried to get me to notice her. I started to feel like I was constantly followed by her. Wherever I went, Danielle always showed up. Her exaggerated effort to get into my field of interest very quickly began to get on my nerves.

Finally, it looked promising

I was so lucky when I finally managed to convince Camila to try it on me. I got a girl I’ve been hunting for since the beginning of school. At that moment, I had no idea that I would not enjoy happiness alongside beautiful Camila for too long. Danielle did not wish us our love and decided to do everything to have me just for herself.

I first learned about her ruthless plan when Camila canceled my date because Danielle told her we slept together. It wasn’t true and I denied it to Camila but, as usual, she trusted her persuasive classmate.

She wanted to get me, no matter what it cost

Danielle became literally obsessed with me. At school she chased me at virtually every step. As if by chance, she appeared in the same places where I was at the time. Danielle simply set herself to win me over at all costs and was able to do anything for it. In order to have me only for herself, she destroyed my relationship with Camila, whom she told all sorts of lies about cheating on her behind her back. Although it wasn’t true, Camila believed her and soon after she broke up with me.


Although Danielle was trying hard, she completely lost in value because of her behavior. She was a pretty girl I could imagine by my side but only if she didn’t act like a psychopath who made hell on earth for me throughout my studies.

Author: Nicole Grease