Luke (46): We have been breaking up and putting it together for several years. But neither of us can make the final decision

Most of us would admit that when it comes to the first step, we usually leave it to our partner. We make no secret of the fact that we often fail to find the courage to take that first step.

The article was written based on the reader’s story. The photos are for illustration purposes only and the names of the people have been changed at the request of the reader.

Luke could tell us a lot about it. He reveals that one and the same woman keeps appearing in his life but neither of them is able to take the first step after so many years and move their relationship a little further.

We met shortly after school

“I met Caroline shortly after graduating from college. I studied history whereas she studied literature. Someone might say that two people as different as the two of us cannot become a couple, ”says Luke, telling us how it actually started between him and Caroline. “Nevertheless, to everybody’s surprise, we finally put it together.”

Luke tells us that his relationship with Caroline lasted for two years. She then received a job offer at the other end of the country but he refused to move with her.

Fate has brought us back together

Two years later it happened that Luke and Caroline met again. They said it was an incredible coincidence. They came across each other in a shopping mall.

“I haven’t seen her for two years but she hasn’t changed at all,” says Luke. I recognized her at first sight and I suddenly realized that although two years had passed since we last saw each other, my feelings for her had not cooled completely, “he admits. “At that time, we started meeting each other and spending time together but we didn’t make plans for future.”

Each of us had different goals

“At that time, there was no serious relationship between us but we spent beautiful four years together,” Luke recalls. Our relationship was very loose and there wasn’t any agreement between us that we could not find someone else,” he explains.

He goes on to say that each of them turned out to have slightly different life goals. While Caroline began to long for a family, Luke was a careerist. Therefore, it happened that their paths split for the second time.

Third time lucky?

We can’t help smiling while we read Luke’s story. He reveals to us that he and Caroline got together for the third time. She was after a breakup at that time and was still childless which surprised Luke very much. Three years had passed since their breakup and he was convinced that Caroline had started a family in the meantime.


“I wouldn’t believe in putting Caroline and me back together. After all, it’s like a screenplay from a romantic movie, “Luke laughs. “Perhaps it is not said in vain, ‘third time lucky.’ Our relationship has been going on ever since. We have a lot behind us, we have experienced a lot together and we have a lot of good and bad memories,” he explains.

Each of us is waiting for the second step to be taken

“Several years have passed since we’ve met for the first time. We parted and got back together probably due to fate,” Luke approaches the end of his story.

“At the moment, I can say with a clear conscience that our relationship is exemplary and we understand each other very well. We both feel that it is time to move to the next level finally. But we are waiting for the most important step to be taken by the second one,” says Luke.

Author: Nicole Grease

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