Lucy (33): When I unwrapped the wedding gift, my eyes widened in horror. I filed for divorce within the hour

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Lucy was convinced that she knew completely everything about the man of her life. That’s why she said yes when he asked her to marry him and started to plan the wedding. She ignored the opinions of her surroundings that it was soon to get married only a year after they met.

The article was written based on the story of our reader. The photos are for illustration purposes only and the names of the people have been changed at the request of the reader.

Lucy and Steve did date for a little over a year, yet they surprised their friends and family with the news of their engagement. Lucy was on cloud nine and she was sure that Steve was the right one for her.

My family didn’t approve, but I didn’t let them talk me out of it

Our editorial office received an e-mail from. At first, we thought she just wanted to confide with how her surroundings and family misunderstood her. In the end, her story really surprised us.

“I knew Steve for a year when he asked for my hand,” Lucy wrote at the beginning of the e-mail, adding that she agreed without hesitation. “My family didn’t approve, it was too early,” she added.

I thought I knew him inside out

Lucy was convinced that she knew absolutely everything about her boyfriend Steve. She thought he was Mr. Right, so she ignored the negative opinions of others and began to plan her wedding.

“It may have seemed in a hurry, but we felt that way,” Lucy admitted. “I loved him and he loved me. I was convinced that there was nothing I didn’t know about him, ” she recalled in her e-mail.

A surprise waited for me after the wedding day

Lucy and Steve’s wedding took place according to the fiancés’ dreams. Although they initially faced misunderstandings and negative opinions, in the end, everyone enjoyed their wedding day. A surprise awaited Lucy from her husband.

“Steve told me that he has a big surprise for me, and I couldn’t wait to find out what it is,” Lucy admitted. “It was supposed to be a wedding gift for me,” she added. “I had no idea how shocked I would be when I unpack it.”

The content of the wedding gift from my husband freaked me out

Two days after the wedding, Lucy finally unwrapped a gift from her husband. She was prepared to find many things, but the letter inside of the gift was a hint that something was wrong.

“My husband wrote in the letter that he wasn’t sure if he could tell me the whole truth about himself,” described Lucy what waited for her written in lines. “The letter said he was now convinced he could tell me everything about himself.”

She was shocked when Lucy looked at the package Steve had prepared for her. The contents of the gift terrified her and shocked her immensely. She really wasn’t expecting this.

I filed for divorce

Only an hour after Lucy unwrapped her wedding gift from Steve, she filed for divorce. She knew for sure that she didn’t want to stay by such a man.

The gift contained various toys for freaky intimate games,“ wrote Lucy. “Handcuffs, various pegs, whips, and all kinds of strange-looking things,” she continued. “My husband also wrote to me in the letter that he can’t wait to finally introduce me to his hobby, which he had been hiding from me for so long,” she admitted.


“But I knew that I definitely didn’t want to be any part of it and that I didn’t want to stand by the side of the man who got turned on by all this,” Lucy finished her e-mail.  Finally, she added that she stands by her decision to divorce him.

Author: Nicole Grease