Lucas (45): Unexpected Christmas guest: My illegitimate daughter rang the doorbell

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It was supposed to be a typical Christmas’ Eve. Lucas sat down with his wife and the youngest daughter Nathalie at the Christmas table. All three of them were to enjoy this most magical evening of the year but fate shuffled the cards and prepared one big surprise not only for Lucas but also for his family.

Whether it was pleasant, or totally the opposite, judge for yourself when you read the whole story.

The article was based on the reader’s story. The photographs are for illustrative purposes only and the names of the persons have been changed at the reader’s request.

We enjoy Christmas together

“My wife and I consider Christmas to be the most beautiful time of the year. Who ever said that only children are looking forward to this time?” Lucas laughs.

“For me, Christmas is a time of peace and, above all, a time that I want to spend surrounded by my loved ones. Last Christmas was supposed to be exactly the way I imagined,” he says.

On Christmas Day I remind myself of my childhood

Lucas openly admits that he enjoys Christmas as if he was a little child who can’t wait to approach the lighted Christmas tree and find a lot of presents under it. At the same time, however, he adds that since he became a parent, Christmas has had a completely different meaning for him because he thinks that there is nothing more beautiful than looking at children whose eyes are glowing with happiness.

“Last Christmas was a bit different because it was without our older son for the first time. He already had his own family and he wanted to spend the holidays with his wife and a newborn baby,” explains Lucas. “There were only three of us for the first time but we decided to make the most of that beautiful day.”

During Christmas’ dinner someone unexpectedly rang the doorbell

Christmas Day was just coming to its final; Lucas was sitting with his family at Christmas Eve dinner, watching the little daughter with enthusiasm. She couldn’t wait to approach the decorated Christmas tree. There rang a bell but not the one by which Jesus announces his arrival but the one that announces that someone was standing outside the door.

“It was a surprise. You simply don’t expect a visit during Christmas Eve dinner,” says Lucas. “Although my wife and I respect the tradition of not leaving the table until everyone else is still sitting and eating there, I was forced to break that tradition. As I got up from my chair and headed for the door, at that moment I had no idea that a beautiful Christmas Eve would become the worst evening of my life.”

An unknown girl stood outside the door

Lucas found an unknown girl outside the door. He saw her for the first time in his life. For a moment, the thought flashed through his mind which reminded him of someone. The girl who had disturbed the whole family while eating dinner said that she was his illegitimate daughter.

“I confess that at first I had no idea what was going on. I even wondered for a moment if it wasn’t a hidden camera, “Lucas says with a laugh. He invited the unknown girl inside in order not to let her stand just outside the door. In a second the most magical evening of the year turned into the worst one ever.

I will not forget this Christmas

The unknown girl’s name was Claire and apparently she was really Lucas’ illegitimate daughter. From her story, he immediately reminded himself the moment when he was at a company party twenty years ago. It was shortly after marrying his current wife. At the company event he spent a non-binding night with his colleague. She changed the job a few weeks later and he never saw her again.

“Suddenly it made sense, even though I originally thought the girl was making it up, everything fit perfectly. In fact, she was very similar to her mother, “Lucas recalls. “Then my wife didn’t talk to me for a month. She couldn’t forgive me. It even seemed for a while that she and his daughter would leave me,“ Lucas recalls.

He learned on the most beautiful evening of the year that he had an illegitimate daughter who visited him at the most inopportune moment.

“I will definitely never forget this Christmas,” adds Lucas, and we are truly convinced that he won’t.

Author: Nicole Grease

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