Larry (35): The engagement ring in the cake ended up at the wrong table in the restaurant. Everything had an unexpected finish

Larry wondered how he would tell his second half that he loved her so much that he’d like to spend the rest of his life with her. They talked about the wedding many times so he was sure she wouldn’t turn him down. That’s why he finally decided to organize a romantic engagement. What he did led to a happy ending for a completely different couple.

The article was based on the reader’s story. The photographs are for illustrative purposes only and the names of the persons have been changed at the reader’s request.

“I invited my girlfriend for dinner at a restaurant. Everything was arranged. I agreed with the waitress that she would put a wedding ring in a piece of cake that I ordered as a dessert, I instructed her to put it on a strawberry on the top. Then I gave the ring to the waitress. “Larry describes. “I had no idea what a mistake would come out of it.”

The cake ended up at another table. The woman’s reaction was unexpected and touching

Larry did not know how it all happened. The cake which was prepared for his table, was accidentally taken by the waitress to the next table. “Coincidentally, they ordered the same cake. They started with dessert before we did,” explains Larry.

When the woman at the next table grabbed her face and took the ring she bit out of her mouth, Larry immediately knew which ring it was. “She was surprised and looked at her boyfriend. He was even more surprised than she was. I didn’t know what to do. Eventually I got up, walked to the table, and began to tell the whole story.”

Larry apologized to the couple. “I didn’t want them to start working on something that wasn’t really planned, so I clarified everything. My confused girlfriend was watching me blushing and embarrassingly telling them that the ring was actually for my girlfriend.”

Larry was very relieved when they both started laughing and apologizing to the couple. “They had nothing to apologize for. It was mainly the the waitress’ fault. She then brought new cake for free for us and this couple.

But the most touching thing was when a woman who had been given the ring by mistake said that she would get married right away. The man knelt down and told her it was a great idea.”

Two non-traditional requests for marrying ended in two “yes”

Larry says that he started clapping when a woman said “yes” to her friend. “It simply came to my notice then. Although the request for a hand did not go according to my ideas, it was already clear to my girlfriend what was going on.

She said “yes” before I managed to ask her. She scolded me for doing so much fuss around it. The whole restaurant was watching us but she was happy indeed.”

Larry and his fiancée then drank with the second engaged couple to celebrate the double engagement. “I planned to have a nice evening for us. It worked and, thanks to the waitress’s mistake, it ended up happily for more people. ”

Larry said that the waitress apologized several times. “I was a little upset with her; she ruined my plans. But just because she accidentally did more good than harm, I quickly forgave her.”


Larry and his fiancée have new acquaintances since then. They began to see each other quite regularly. “We found out that they are great people who live in a city near us. So in addition to the joyful memories of that day, we also gained new acquaintances.”

Author: Nicole Grease