Jayden (35): We get on well without love: From a married couple to friends over night

When I married Patricia, I believed that it would be forever. I loved her and I thought that she is the love of my life. It took just two years and our relationship got worse. Many married couples are so in love. We were just arguing all the time.

The article was based on a reader’s story. The photographs are for illustrative purposes only and the names of the persons have been changed at the reader’s request.

We tried to get on

I loved Patricia when I loved her. I loved her truly and couldn’t wait to make her my wife. I believe that she felt the same. But soon after we began discovering problems that prevented us from living happily ever after.

We were arguing a lot, but we both tried our best to make things work. We were watching these happy married couples all the time.

We didn’t know what the problem was

Me and Patricia kept trying to glue things together for years and they kept breaking apart. We would argue, blame each other, accusing each other of cheating. Neither of us knew what was wrong. We kept asking each other where the problem was and why it doesn’t work.

Before we had gotten married, everything was okay. But the moment we put on the wedding rings something had changed. Neither of us was able to say why.

We decided to get a divorce

The situation stayed the same for eight years. Maybe it got even worse. We acted happy in front of our friends and family. But no one knew how things really were behind the closed door. Our divorce surprised everyone, because no one had known about our problems, which we had for years.

Now everything’s good

We became friends over night. One night we decided to get a divorce. The next morning, we had no reason to argue. As if this decision of ours to stop acting as a happy couple had cleared the air between us.


The divorce went easy, although our friends and family had hard time understanding. It’s not a big surprise. When me and my wife were facing these problems, they all thought that we are a happy couple. It was a shock for them when we got divorced practically overnight.

The interesting thing is that we get on really well without love. We stayed good friends; we know we can rely on each other. We had no arguments since the divorce, there was no reason for that. Maybe that is what was meant to be, sadly we found out really late.

Author: Nicole Grease

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