Jason (39): I lost sight of my phone for five minutes and a disaster happened

Until recently, Jason believed that his wife would never be so jealous. The reason for that might be the fact that he never gave her an opportunity. He emailed us his story about how his wife had left him because of a silly message that meant nothing at all. Now he is not sure whether to apologize to her or be offended. It hurt him deeply that she didn’t trust him.

The article was written based on the story of our reader who has described it in his email. The photos are for illustration purposes only and the names of the people have been changed at the request of the reader.

‘I’ve never been unfaithful to my wife. We’ve been together for five years and were planning a family. I love her. I wouldn’t have thought she’d make such a fuss about one message she hadn’t even read completely,” tells us our reader.

Based on a single text message, she deduced things that never happened

‘When she came to me with an angry face and asked what it meant, I had no idea what she was talking about. She threw my phone at me that showed a preview of a message from a work colleague.

Only a few words could be read on display: Hi sweetie, tomorrow…She was not able to read the rest because she doesn’t know the password to my phone.’

Before Jason could explain that this was how his female colleague addresses everyone else in the company, his wife screamed at him that she hadn’t deserved his infidelity and that she was sorry she had to found out about it that way.

‘I told her to read the whole text. It was about a meeting that had to be moved from the following day to another. My wife wasn’t interested, though. She packed a few pieces of clothing in her bag and drove to her mother’s. She didn’t listen to me at all.’

I don’t want to beg, I haven’t done anything

Jason tried to write to his wife several times and to explain everything. All his efforts were in vain, though.

‘I think my wife is waiting for me to show up at the door of her mother’s apartment and start apologizing and begging for forgiveness. Preferably so that the whole neighborhood can hear me.

Even the colleague who caused this whole thing already texted her and explained the situation. But nothing worked, and I’m definitely not going to beg,” he promises.

Jason wants to get his wife back, but on the other hand, he hopes that she realizes who is actually at fault.

‘She accused me of something that touched me deeply. She doesn’t believe me and doesn’t let me to explain her the whole truth. I’m the one who should be upset.


I don’t know how this whole thing ends, but I don’t think I can stay in a relationship where there is such mistrust. If she doesn’t apologize to me and she doesn’t admit her mistake, I think it’s over…”

Author: Nicole Grease