Diana (34): Talking in his sleep caught him red handed! Everything was confirmed to me

It was before Diana and her boyfriend John’s wedding. She thought his behavior might have changed because he was nervous the previous day. Yet deep down, she knew there was something else behind it all. A few days before the wedding, it turned out that John was unfaithful to her. There was no point in him denying it.

The article was written based on the reader’s story. The photos are for illustration purposes only and the names of the people have been changed at the request of the reader.

“Instead of a wedding, a break-up. I am expecting a child with John and I don’t want to raise my offspring by myself. But it will definitely be better than if I took care of him with someone who cheated on me.”

I was suspicious, but I wanted to trust him

Diana was so immersed in the wedding preparations that she did not notice Pavel’s late arrivals from work or the fact that he suddenly went for a beer with friends much more often. “It simply dawned on me then. When I asked him why he was all of a sudden working so hard, he replied that he was making money for us to be happy together. He said that he goes to the pub more, because the boys help him relax after work,” Diana recalls.

When she told John that she was pregnant, he showed unexpected joy. “The pregnancy was unplanned and we never talked about having a baby. But he was excited to get married and start a family. It never occurred to me that he could be just acting.”

About three months before the wedding, Diana began to suspect that her future husband was not telling her everything. “His work has increased even more. He went home late at night and took “work” phone calls aside. I started to feel like he was lying to me, but I wanted to believe that he was just really stressed out about the wedding and how we would handle our first child.”

In his sleep, he spoke to Mary. In the morning I asked him straight away who she was

According to Diana, John talks in his sleep quite often. When he is stressed, he does bad at work or quarrels with friends. “I couldn’t sleep then, he kept rolling over and then he started to explain to Mary that I was expecting a baby and he couldn’t just leave me. In the morning I asked him who Mary was.”

John thought that Diana knew everything, so he preferred to confess. He has been sleeping with Mary for some time and she was forcing him to leave Diana. But he didn’t want to do that. “When he learned that he was just talking about sleep, he regretted telling me the whole truth. He said he could have still made it without telling me somehow. His reaction infuriated me and we argued,” Diana says.


That same day, she packed John’s suitcases and threw him out of the house. “I told him to go see his Mary. He asked for forgiveness, but I would rather raise a child alone than with someone who wanted to marry me while sleeping with another woman.”

Author: Cheryl Rush