Christina (25): My babysitter canceled, so I risked it and took my child on a date

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I got unexpectedly and unplanned pregnancy. I had a boyfriend and we were happy. We didn’t discuss having a family, we were together only for a year and we thought it was too early to deal with this. Fate has its ways, though, and I found out I was pregnant. My boyfriend didn’t want a baby so he left me when I was in the first trimester.

The article was written based on the reader’s story. The photos are for illustration purposes only and the names of the people have been changed at the request of the reader.

I am a single mother and I am not ashamed for it

After a half year, I brought a beautiful, healthy boy – Philip.

I didn’t get any help from his father, however, I had helpful parents. The most important thing was that my son was healthy and satisfied.

I started to miss being intimate with another person

When my son was still a baby, I didn’t have time nor mood for dating. Every mother knows well that caring for a small child takes a lot out of a person.

The more he grew, I started to miss intimacy with another person. I realized this mostly when I put my son to bed and was sitting alone in front of the TV.

It always fell on me and I wished to have someone next to me with whom I could cuddle with. It wasn’t even for physical pleasure, it was craving more for the feeling of not being alone.

I am raising him as a single mother and I am not ashamed of it. I know very well, that some single mothers see it as a sticker, mostly they think of themself that they’re incompetent because they have not been able to provide a father to their child.

But I do not see it that way, I am proud of myself that I can do it just by myself, alone – of course with occasional help from parents.

I used the internet to find a date

You don’t really meet a lot of dads on a playground, so I tried a dating app. I created a profile and hoped that I would find my prince charming. And he really showed up.

His name was Patrick, he was four years older than me, he worked as a real estate broker and he was interested in meeting me. At first, we only texted a bit and then arranged a date in a local café.

I asked my friend to babysit my son so I didn’t have to take him with me. But it wouldn’t be me if things hadn’t gotten a bit complicated. My friend canceled on me an hour before the date and I had to decide: Should I cancel on him or take my son with me?

There was three of us on the date

I didn’t have another babysitter and I didn’t want to cancel the date. So I simply took my son on the date. It was clear to me, that it could end up well or extremely bad. Before seeing Patrick face to face, I was very nervous and afraid that he would run away.

But he didn’t. Yes, of course, he was surprised a lot because I haven’t mentioned the child. At first, he looked a bit stunned and I thought that he would just leave.

Instead, he ordered my son the biggest ice cream they had. Meanwhile, my son was enjoying his treat, and Patrick and I had a pleasant conversation. Our date in three was better than I expected. We are having another date soon and I believe that it won’t end with a second date.

Author: Nicole Grease

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