Susan (39): Hiding the keys in the flowerpot was the worst idea ever. What was waiting behind the door, shocked us 

According to Susan, she can trust no one in the village. Everyone probably knew where they hid their keys when they were going shopping. But it never occurred to Susan that someone would misuse it so badly…

The article was based on the reader’s story. The photographs are for illustrative purposes only and the names of the persons have been changed at the reader’s request.

“We live in a small village with only a few houses. We put the keys in the flowerpot in front of the door. That’s an open secret in the whole village. There is no house where they would do it differently. Nevertheless, it just ended up badly for us,” says Susan.

When we returned from the city, the key was on its place but inside our house no stone was left unturned

“That day we just went shopping to the city for two hours. At first glance, everything seemed fine when we returned, “says Susan.

“The key was on its place but when we opened the door, it was clear to us that someone was inside. It was trampled in the hallway because it was a rainy day.”

Muddy footprints led to the living room and they continued across the carpet. Unfortunately, it wasn’t everything.

“We hardly recognised the living room. The chairs were scattered and not a single blanket remained in place. A few flowers were overturned and the clay was dumped all over the room,” explains Susan.

According to her, in the bedroom it looked similar. There was also a pile of shards from a broken vase in the middle of the room. “It was as if a meteorological catastrophe or at least a wild animal had swept through our apartment,” she describes.

“It took my husband and me all day to clean up the mess. But we didn’t come up with anything that would disappear. Apparently someone just wanted to get in and do some mess because the valuables and the electronics and even the money we just had thrown in the drawer, remained intact. ”

We think some kids in the village did it. But there is no point in investigating

Susan and her husband agreed that they would rather not deal with the situation with anyone.

“Everyone would think that we are blaming them or their children. And we don’t want to make enemies in the village, “she explains. “Of course we could report it but for what goal?”

According to the couple, it was probably just a prank of the children of one of the families in the village. And it is not worth for them to deal with it further and argue with others. “Nothing is lost, the only thing I’m sorry about is the broken vase that once belonged to my grandmother,” says the reader.

In order not to repeat the situation, Susan and her husband decided to hide the key in another place. “Of course we don’t want to solve the situation but we also don’t want to have to clean up such a muddle again.”


Several days had passed since the incident and none of the neighbors had yet indicated that they knew anything about breaking into the house. “We thought that someone might plead guilty but it was very naive,” says Susan. “Then we’ll leave as it is and not spread a fuss unnecessarily.”

Author: Cheryl Rush