Penny (69): Doctors were no help, so I went to a herbalist. He turned out to be a fraud

I was suffering from a stomach ache for a long time. When it comes to health, I prefer not to put myself in danger. Because the pain did not go away, I visited a doctor. I hoped they would be able to relieve me from the pain. I underwent numerous examinations, but none of them gave me a clear answer to what is wrong with me. My doctors gave up.

The article was written based on the reader’s story. The photos are for illustration purposes only and the names of the people have been changed at the request of the reader.

I wanted to know where does the pain come from

I first experienced the pain a few months ago while doing some work around my garden. At that time, I thought it might be a pinched nerve caused by a wrong movement.

I didn’t pay much attention and thought the pain would disappear on its own after a while. It actually did go away, but only for a few days. Then it came back and disappeared, again and again.

I didn’t know what to do, so I went for a check-up to my doctor. I described my problems and believed he would help me. I was pleasantly surprised by all his attention; he sent me to various medical examinations. I underwent all of them and waited for the results.

Nobody knew what was wrong with me

The results gradually arrived and neither examination pointed out anything wrong. All the examinations were fine and the results were almost exemplary.

Doctors passed me around like a hot potato, and none of them knew what was happening to me. Abdominal pain still bothered me on and off. I was getting desperate, I was worried there was something wrong with my body. I was afraid doctors neglected something.

After a few weeks and a series of many examinations, all my doctors gave up. According to the medical results, I was perfectly healthy and no one could understand why my stomach hurts. I even felt like they were looking at me like a hypochondriac who was making it all up.

I turned to a herbalist for help

My colleague who knew all about my health problems down to the last detail, recommended a herbalist who she said was very skillful and people spoke highly of him.He lived more than 150 km from my home. With a vision of help, I took the chance and actually went after to visit him.

He immediately became concerned about my health and seemed determined to help me. I shared his opinion that the doctors gave up on me too quickly. There was a spark of hope that someone could help me.

Treatment, herbs and meditation for 10 months

The herbalist suggested a treatment for me that involved using a variety of herbs, as well as meditation, which I had to do regularly. Every session at the herbalist’s cost me a fortune and, in his words, I needed to visit him at least twice a week.

Only then did I have a chance of recovery. I naively trusted him, paying a lot of money for bags of herbs, meditation stones, health crystals, and other aids to help me heal.

But after four months of regular appointments, my health did not improve. It dawned on me then that the herbalist might not be the miracle I thought he was.

So I started looking online and found out that he was actually a fraud who was just pulling money out of people and just playing the expert.


His so-called treatment cost me tens of thousands, so I didn’t hesitate to sue him. I am now in the waiting phase and I hope he doesn’t get away with it and I will get my money back one day.

Author: Nicole Grease

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