Patrick (37): We had to run away from his talent: I moved my family because of a violinist wannabe

by Adéla Vocetková
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There’s no way to pick your neighbours. Not even Patrick could have changed the fact that a young musician moved into a flat next to his family’s one. This musician, in order to improve his skills, would play his violin from dusk to dawn.

The article was written based on the story of our reader. The photos are for illustration purposes only and the names of the people have been changed at the request of the reader.

At first, we were to have a musician in our house

“When my wife and I discovered that there is a musician moving into the flat right next to us, we were both really excited. We enjoy music, so we couldn’t wait to see which instrument does the man play. When it turned out that it’s a violin, we were looking forward to hearing it’s lovely tones,” says Patrick.

But reality was much different. Soon after they found out that he was not as talented as they had thought. It took just a few trainings and Patrick and his family knew, that their new neighbour will not bring them joy. No concerts, just one big nightmare.

He could not play the violin at all

Patrick then says that his new neighbour couldn’t play the violin at all. Despite that, he was trying hard, training every day. That meant, not just for Patrick, but for the whole house, that they had to listen to terrible off-pitch sounds coming from his apartment for several hours every single day.

“I am not an unfavorable person,” says Patrick, adding that he was raised to treat others with respect.

“But after multiple weeks of being forced to listen to those terrible creaking sounds every day, which were so far from being on pitch, I had to do something. That’s why I asked my neighbour, very kindly by the way, if he couldn’t find another place for training or if he could at least play a bit less. He would often play until late evening and my kids couldn’t sleep because of that,” says Patrick.

Our neighbour did not care about our complaints

“We tried to negotiate in a kind manner, but he was just making fun of us. He even got mad when we told him that his playing was excruciating,” continues Patrick.

“After many tries in vain we came to a conclusion that he was doing it on purpose and training even more and even longer.”

Patrick describes the situation as intorelable. They were forced to listen terrible sounds that were supposed to be playing the violin for long hours every day.

He also doesn’t forget to mention their neighbour’s careless playing late in the evening, which was preventing his kids from sleep.

We simply run away

“Living next to a disrespectful neighbour was unbearable. When my wife and I realised that we can’t do anything about him, we decided we had to do something else,” admits Patrick.

At the end of his story he adds that they have moved to a flat at the other end of the city, where it’s quiet and they don’t have to listen to that artist wannabe, who simply couldn’t admit that he wasn’t so gifted after all.

Author: Nicole Grease

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