Linda (40): I looked away when he was doing it to me. He picked me up from the floor after all

by Šárka Blahoňovská
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Linda had underwent a therapy for several years before she was able to write about her story to our editorial office. What was happening to her for almost half a year, would probably bring to a collapse almost all of us. But she got back on her feet and talked about what it was like to be an abused woman.

The article was based on the reader’s story. The photographs are for illustrative purposes only and the names of the persons have been changed at the reader’s request.

“I fell in love with him during our first date. He invited me to an expensive restaurant and insisted on accompanying me home. I invited him over and we spent the first night together, “says Linda. “Our relationship had such a rapid decline…”

He completely wrapped me around his finger. It wasn’t until a month later that I found out what it all meant

After a week, Linda started living with John. Her friends warned her that it was too fast, but she fell in love and fully gave herself to him.

“He was nice to me, a kind type of guy; he was very attentive. I had no idea what would develop from it after a couple of days” she says.

As soon as John realised that Linda was completely devoted to everything he told her, he began to abuse her. “He took home friends with whom they drank and laughed all night. In the morning I begged him to stop it because I would like to sleep, he shouted terrible things at me. He was under the influence of alcohol. ”

When John’s friends finally left in the morning, Linda still wasn’t calm.

“My drunken friend demanded that we make love. But definitely not in a way I like. When I was defending myself, he sometimes hit me. He was rude and he yelled at me. When he finished, he always started laughing madly and then helped me to get off the floor. I had to accept his hand. Otherwise he would slapped me back on the floor. ”

Linda confides that in such moments John never thought about protection. “I got pregnant from one such unwanted intercourse. And that was the moment when I decided to end everything. I reported everything to the police.”

He ended up with a probation only but he stays away from me. It took me years to get over it

Linda finally decided to report everything to the police. She underwent several examinations, showed bruises, underwent a gynecological examination which confirmed rough treatment. “I had an abortion because I couldn’t accept that a new life would come out of it all,” she admits.

In the end, John came out of everything with a mere probation. “The evidence was said to be insufficient and it was a squabble. Being a manipulator, he was able to convince the authorities that he may have been rude when he was drunk but he never really bothered me on other occasions. In addition, I took him home myself.”

For some time, Linda was living in fear. After a year she realized that John would leave her in peace. He didn’t want to have more problems.

“The sheer fact that he was free, scared me. I was going to psychologists for years to get out of the problems he caused me. Today, I am finally able to talk about everything and warn every woman that something similar may happen to anyone: Don’t let it go as far as I did. ”

Author: Cheryl Rush

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