Jane (35): An unknown man photographed me on the street. As the next day I learned why, my hair stood on end

by Šárka Blahoňovská
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How would you behave if you found out that a complete stranger was taking pictures of you on the street? Taking pictures of someone without their consent and, in addition, publishing photos is prohibited. Our reader Jane has her own experience with something like that.

The article was based on the reader’s story. The photographs are for illustrative purposes only and the names of the persons have been changed at the reader’s request.

At first she thought she was just dreaming. But then she realized it was really happening. But the worst was to come the next day.

At first it occurred to me that it was just a dream

I was returning home from work. I had a jerk day. I haven’t been able to do anything since morning. Whatever I touched, it either fell on me or went wrong in some other way. I was carrying a shopping bag and one ear was torn off. The entire content of the shopping bag spilled right on the street. Things began to roll in all directions.

People walked around me, staring strangely. I bent down to pick up my purchase as quickly as possible. Willingly or not, in the corner of my eye, I realised that a man was taking pictures of me. At first, however, it occurred to me that it was just an illusion and I continued to pick up my stuff.

The woman in the photo seemed familiar to me. And then came the shock

Honestly, I immediately stopped thinking about man with a camera. I wanted to disappear as soon as possible. People might be attentive but also mischievous. Nobody helped me.

The next day I went to work again. I always follow the same route. As I walked past a board with advertisements, it seemed to me that I knew the woman who was in one of the hanging photos. At first, I just walked by. But then it didn’t work out for me and I took a step back.

In the photo I saw a woman leaning to the ground, photographed from the front, and next to her photo was a lascivious description that she offered certain services. I was shocked.

My photos were visible in different parts of the city

Suddenly I realized that I knew the woman in the photo. It was me. Unfortunately, the photographer managed to take a picture of me just at the moment when one breast slipped out of the blouse while leaning and now she was happily showing itself in the photo.

The worst thing was that I met more of those photos along the way. They were everywhere! Even bigger shock came when I came to work.

My superior called me. He placed my photo in front of me and asked what it all meant. He wanted to know why my photos were in an unflattering position all over the city. I was so ashamed.

Who should I file a criminal complaint against?

I would like to file a criminal complaint for what happened. It is not possible to publish photos someone’s photos without the consent.

But who should I accuse? I don’t know the photographer. I don’t even remember him properly. All I had were just eyes to cry.

Author: Nicole Grease

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