Erica (57): A postwoman has brought me nothing but good news… it still almost gave me a heart attack

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Erica and her husband Mark brought up David until he was eighteen years old. They were close even after he moved out. Everything was good until he was twenty-two and got into a car accident. He didn’t survive.

The article was written based on a story of our reader. The photos are for illustration purposes only and the names have been changed at the reader’s request.

“At the hospital, we prayed until the last minute. But the doctors gave us terrible news. We buried our son two years ago, but the pain still feels fresh. Not long ago we were surprised by an old letter which arrived with a two-year delay,” explains Erica.

I remember him mentioning the letter. We had no idea how it would shock us

Our son was spending his vacation at the seaside with his girlfriend. It was his first trip abroad and he decided to send us a letter in the middle of his vacation. After he returned, he was angry that there was no reply,” remembers Erica.

“We explained that we hadn’t received any letter from him. He expected the letter to arrive, but later admitted that he might have made a mistake in the address, and forgot about it.

A fatal accident happened six months later. David was driving with a friend when a truck was driving in the opposite direction.

“David’s friend suffered severe injuries. He ended up in a wheelchair,” says Erika.”Unfortunately, David did not survive the accident and we buried him a few days later. The old scars hurt whenever we see his photograph. When the postwoman delivered the letter, I thought I was going to have a heart attack.”

We read it in tears. We miss David

“At first we thought someone pulled a prank on us. But the date fit exactly. In addition, the letter said exactly what David told us when he got home,” Erika recalls.

In the letter, their son wrote about how he was enjoying his vacation, how great it was with his girlfriend that he felt like he was in heaven.”

It was all so cheerful and positive. But it just made us sad. My heart was pounding and I had no idea what to do.”

When Erica’s husband tried to complain at the post office that the letter arrived so late, he achieved nothing.

„Apparently, the mistake happened abroad and no one could actually say where the letter was stuck for so long. There wasn’t any reason to sue them, anyway,” Erika continues.


“We loved our son and we only have beautiful memories of him. Although the letter hurt us after such a long time, we are actually glad that we were able to read how happy he was then. Even so, it was a shock that we will not forget for the rest of our lives. “