Erica (40): I went to my cottage alone for the first time. What happened there still terrifies me

by Šárka Blahoňovská
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Erica loved her cottage. She and her husband bought it ten years ago and she managed to arrange it according to her concept. The cottage was located outside the city. A perfect place where she could run away from common worries and duties.

The article was based on the story of a reader who sent it to us via email. The photographs are for illustrative purposes only and the names of the persons have been changed at the reader’s request.

We received an email from Erica, for which we would like to thank once again. In an email, she described what she experienced on one of her visits to the beloved cottage.

My cottage was my kingdom

“Ten years ago, me and my husband bought a half-crumbling cottage,” Erica begins. “We were looking for a refuge to leave the bustling city we live in,” she explains.

The cottage was in terrible condition but it was financially affordable. Erica and her husband were determined to repair the cottage. In the recent years, the two have spent a lot of time there –  working, renovating and relaxing.

I had no reason to be afraid to go to the cottage alone

The cottage of Mrs. Erica and her husband was located outside the city among other cottages in the city’s rest area. From her description we learned that it was quiet and a beautiful place. “I didn’t have a single reason to be afraid in my cottage,” Erica writes in an email that came to our newsroom.

“When my husband went out of town for a business trip, I decided to enjoy the weekend alone at the cottage,” she continues. “I planned to do a lot of work and stay there for a night.”

I was awakened by a strange grunt. A saw a flashlight through the window.

It was Friday night and Erica went to bed. She and her husband had slept in the cottage several times before, so it was completely natural for her. But then something happened. “I was awakened by a strange grunt,” Erica describes. “It came from the outside, it felt like someone was walking on the stones we had on the road in front of the cottage,” she writes. “I looked out through a small window and saw the flashlight. At that moment, I became terribly afraid, “she admits.

I couldn’t move. Someone was trying to get inside

“Our cottage has one small room upstairs, I was right there when someone was trying to get in,” Erica describes the terrifying experience.

“I heard that someone was slamming the handle and probably trying to break the lock with something,” she continues. “I was completely stunned and couldn’t move!” It lasted only a few minutes but it seemed to Mrs. Erica as an eternity.

Then she came upon an idea to turn on the light in the room. That could drive the thief away. Fortunately it really happened. As soon as she turned on the light, the grunts and blows coming from the ground floor stopped immediately.

I’m afraid to go to the cottage again. No one would get me there!

Although eventually nothing happened, Mrs. Erica is now afraid to go to the cottage. Even her husband doesn’t feel safe there anymore.

“I love this cottage, I left a piece of myself there,” she admits in an email. “But after this experience, no one will get me there. My heart tightens when I just think about it. We will probably have to sell the cottage, “she concludes.

Author: Nicole Grease

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