Marie (39): I saw my husband leaving the neighbour’s apartment when I got back home from my job. His reaction was devastating

Beautiful day turned into a nightmare. This is exactly what happened to our reader Marie. Her life fell apart a few weeks ago. Not only she found out that her husband is cheating on her, she also had to face her husband’s devastating reaction. She sent us her story to pour out her heart which really hurts at the moment.

This article is based on our reader’s story. All pictures shown are for illustration purposes only. The names of the persons have been changed at the request of our reader.

Marie and her husband Milan were married for nine years. While Marie was sure that everything is totally alright, her husband was cheating on her. She unfortunately didn’t know about it for a long time.

He brought into my life something which I was missing for a long time

At the beginning of the email Marie says, that she thought Milan was the right one.

She said that Milan was bringing something special into her life and she never had a special feeling like this one with another men.

“We’ve met eleven years ago”, Marie continues. “We got married two years after and our daughter Julie was born,” she says. “I was happy and sure, that my husband felt the same way as I did.” While being in love, she didn’t know everything was different”.

I didn’t notice anything suspicious about his behaviour

Marie said, that she wasn’t noticing any changes at her husband’s behaviour. That’s why she was even more frustrated, when she found out the truth.

“When I’m thinking about the past, I never noticed even the smallest sign of him not being happy in our relationship.” I was so shocked, when I saw him leaving our neighbour’s apartment.”

I saw them kissing each other

Her husband and his mistress didn’t know, that Marie was standing downstairs. That’s why they gave each other romantic kiss. Marie saw everything and couldn’t believe it. Marie says this a heartbreaking memory for her.

“I was standing there and watching them, but they didn’t know about me being so close to them,” Marie explains. “I was strong enough to walk up the rest of the stairs and tell them I saw everything what just happened. It was a really weird moment,” Marie remembers.

My husband’s reaction was unbelievable

She had a big argument with her husband when they got home. She couldn’t believe what happened and wanted Milan to give her some explanation. But his answer was unbelievable.

“I expected him to apologize, but he told me he was leaving me instead,” unfortunate reader Marie says. “I was shocked and speechless at the same time. Milan started packing his stuff and told me that he’s moving to our neighbour Kamila,” she continues.

I had to move out. Seeing her every day was killing me

Marie told us that she moved out from her apartment a few days ago. She wasn’t strong enough to see her husband being with another woman. Marie and Milan are getting divorced at the moment.


“I couldn’t stand it,” she explains.“ I had to move out since I didn’t want to be a neighbour with my ex-husband. It is still very frustrating for me,” Marie says at the end of her story.

Author: Nicole Grease