Lily (38): My husband bored me, so I’ve found a lover. I didn’t know how close they were

Many couples come into a crisis after a few years from marriage. Most of the relationships have problems after some time. Lily had been married for thirteen years and thought that things between her and her husband are not the way they used to be. And because she was bored, she found a solution.

He became a bored couch potato

“When I married my husband, I was amazed by his liveliness. He would always do something and sitting at home was not for him. We would go on trips, go to the cinema, he would take me on dinners and there wasn’t a weekend spent at home. But the longer we were together, the more I noticed how lazy he was,” Lily says.

Her husband slowly became a lazy couch potato whose only hobbies were watching TV and drinking beer. He didn’t care about trips, didn’t take her out to dinners and wanted her to stay home all the time.

I felt that I needed a change

Lily became really bored by her husband’s side in the recent years. She didn’t like spending her evenings by the TV and weekends stuck at home. That’s why she found an attractive lover.

“I felt that I needed someone by my side who will give me attention. That’s why I found a lover named Martin.  My husband basically made me do it by his behavior,” she tries to reason her decision. For a moment she looks a bit embarrassed.

I felt wanted again

“Martin brought back things into my life that I’ve missed for so long. We were meeting secretly, but we enjoyed every moment. My husband had noticed changes in my behavior, once he mentioned that I seem like a different person. That moment I got a bit scared that he’ll find out about my cheating, but the need for attention wouldn’t let me stop,” she says .

We were invited to a big family reunion

Lily and her husband received an invitation to their grandma’s 95th birthday. Most of the family was supposed to come. Lily couldn’t have known that she’ll be terrible shocked there.

“The reunion took place on Saturday. My husband’s sister held it at her place and as she lives at the other end of the country, we went there for the whole weekend. Our relatives were slowly coming too. Throughout the day we met aunts, cousins, uncles and many more. The mood was great and I was happy,” admits Lily.

It was a shock for me

“I was talking with my husband’s aunt when I saw Martin. I was terribly shocked. What is he doing here, I asked myself. My heart skipped a beat. My husband and my lover in the same place? What a stupid game my destiny is playing, I thought.”
Lily shortly after discovered that her husband and her lover are cousins.


They quit contact as adults because of childhood quarrels. Lily admits that a pleasant weekend turned out to be the worst in her life. Fear from her cheating being discovered haunted her the whole time.

Author: Nicole Grease

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