Peter (54): I work on the railway in lost and found. What the last passenger forgot doesn’t make sense to me

Peter has already encountered many surprises at his work. That is why his profession also became his hobby. Even so, there are times when he may be even more surprised than he could ever imagine.

The article was based on a reader’s story. The photographs are for illustrative purposes only and the names of the persons have been changed at the reader’s request.

“My job is to check forgotten items from trains and train stations, contact their owners if possible, or be on the phone and provide callers with information on whether their lost item has been found,” he explains.

Apart from phones and wallets, these are sometimes really interesting things

According to Peter, people most often forget the whole backpacks on the train. That’s because they put them over their heads, for example, and then forget that they had them with them. But often a mobile phone or wallet also falls out of their pocket.

“We have a lot of keys, mobile phones, and similar things that the owners often don’t even pick up,” he laughs. ”Other things include glasses, headphones, and other electronics. But there are also more absurd things, that can be forgotten on the train,” he confides.

“Once a man called us that he left a rare beer bottle on the train, which was collectable. It wouldn’t even occur to us that it’s not just garbage, so unfortunately the bottle ended up completely different from its collection.

Another time, a lady left her bra on the train. She then called us that it was a branded piece of clothing and she wanted it back, she said she just wanted to make herself more comfortable on the road, so she took it down. But the man who made me laugh the most was the one who forgot his dog on the train.”

I thought he left him

When passengers found a sleeping dog on the train at the terminal, no one knew what to do with it. “In the end, I was put in charge of the dog, provided that if its owner did not respond, a small pekingese would go to a shelter. I was counting on it a bit, I thought the owner had left it on the train on purpose.”

Nevertheless, Peter decided to call the phone number on the dog’s collar. “It seemed strange to me that someone would leave a dog on a train and not get rid of the contact on the collar. When the older gentleman called me, I was surprised.”

The pensioner informed Peter that he was looking for a dog, that he did not even realize he had lost. He allegedly traveled many buses that day and called several lines because he didn’t remember where he left it. But because of his memory, he forgot that he might have also left it on the train.


“The dog eventually returned to the owner. The story amused all my acquaintances and colleagues. I don’t understand how such a nice and good owner of a dog could forget his dog like this, in any case, the im-portant thing is that it has a happy ending and it is not another abandoned dog that his owner abandoned.”

Author: Cheryl Rush