Jacob (39): She left me because of my sense of humor

I’ve always been the person with a special sense of humor. A lot of people couldn’t understand it, but even more people couldn’t stand it. My girlfriend left me because of my sense of humor a few weeks ago.

Unfortunately she was the one who couldn’t understand it, and even worse, she couldn’t stand it.

The article was based on the reader’s story. The photographs are for illustrative purposes only and the names of the persons have been changed at the reader’s request.

I was always joking

I’m the type of person who is trying to enjoy life as much as possible. For sure I have some worse moments in my life sometimes, but even during them I always try to make some jokes and I’m trying to take those situations easy.

My girlfriend Susan didn’t like my jokes since we started dating. She was always telling me that my jokes are inappropriate, but I never took her seriously.

It was just a part of my personality and whatever I said to someone, I always meant is a joke. Everyone got used to it, but only Susan did not.

My jokes were a big problem for Susan

Susan was complaining about my jokes a lot. My jokes were also the main reason for our fights. Sometimes when Susan bought a new dress, the first thing I said wasn’t a compliment. It was a joke about her dress.

For sure she looked great, but I couldn’t help myself and I had to tell her that she looks like a scarecrow. I couldn’t understand why is she blaming me for being myself and she couldn’t understand my jokes.

She tried to change my personality

We were in a relationship for nine years. Everyone would think that this is a long time to get used to my jokes and respect them. It was really hard for Susan, so she was trying to change me as a person.

When we were with our friends, she was constantly telling me that my jokes are really bad and I felt humiliated.

Instead of being mad at her, I always made another joke. At the end she was the one who felt humiliated in front of our friends.

She left me because of my jokes

When I come back home from work three months ago, I found a letter from Susan on the table. While I was at work, Susan packed her stuff and left me for good.


As she wrote in her letter, the reason for our break up was my humiliating, sarcastic and weird sense of humor.

She broke up with me after nine years long relationship and she was the one who never understood my sense of humor.

Author: Nicole Grease