Angry Carl (34): First my friend took my wife away. Then he asked me something unthinkable, and I kicked him out

by Adéla Vocetková
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Carl and Josh knew each other for ages. They were very good friends and considered each other brothers. However, the long-time friendship suffered a huge blow.

The article was written based on a story of our reader. The photos are for illustration purposes only and the names have been changed on the reader’s request.

Unhappy Carl came to us to pour his heart out, telling us his experience he still has not come to terms with. We have found out that his best friend stole his wife a few months ago.

This hardship was not the only thing Carl had to face. We have known each other for many years, I would sacrifice my life for him.

“I have known Josh for ages,” starts Carl his story. “If I am not mistaken, our moms have been friends too and were pregnant at the same time,” he smiles.

“I would risk my life for him, I think of him as my brother. I would never expect him to do something like that,” sighs Carl.

He was my best man, and then he crossed me out

Eight years ago, Carl got married to his high-school sweetheart. His best man was nobody else than his long-time friend Josh. Carl considered this to be nothing but another honest evidence of his friendship.

“I fell in love with Paula in high school. We were young then, none of us believed it would last,” smiles Carl. “But we managed to stay together even though we had our differences and got married eight years ago,” he continues.

“Josh was my best man; I wouldn’t want anyone else to do it.” Carl smiles, but then gets sad. “Despite all this, he betrayed me.”

He stole my wife

“Josh knew very well how much I loved Paula,” says Carl. “He wasn’t married, but he was very lucky with women. And then, out of nowhere, the two of them told me they wanted to be together,” he sighs. “My life went down like a house of cards in an instant.”

Josh lives with my wife and still wants to be friends with me

We find out that Carl’s wife has been living with his best friend for several months. They say there was a spark between them and they couldn’t fight it. That does not help, Carl still feels hurt.

“My wife has filed for a divorce, we are waiting for the trial,” Carl continues with sadness. “It feels wrong that Josh wants to stay friends, even after what he did to me.”

„Does he really think I want to keep seeing him despite him living with the women of my life? I don’t want to see him ever again. Neither of them!“

Author: Nicole Grease

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