Sad Chloe (33): Our relationship was destroyed by a decision we both agreed on

Chloe is going through a really hard time at the moment. Instead of having a beautiful life with her newborn, she is being depressed after a really hard breakup with John. Chloe sent us her story in the e-mail as she wanted to share her story with our readers.

This article is based on our reader’s story. All pictures shown are for illustration purposes only. The names of the persons have been changed at the request of our reader.

We were not sure about starting a family

Chloe and John were in a relationship for eight years. They’ve met right after they finished college.

Back then, none of them were thinking about having a baby one day. “Based on our talks, we wanted to enjoy life for a few more years ,” Chloe says. “That’s why we were not thinking about having a family, and we were happy with our young lifestyle,” she says.

John was the one who started the conversation about having a baby

Chloe was surprised when John come to her and started talking about having a family. “I didn’t expect him to start this conversation, but I have to admit, when he told me that, I was absolutely happy,” Chloe says in the e-mail.

“We thought if we will take it easy and won’t push it, it would be easy and I will be pregnant soon,” Chloe continues. “Unfortunately, it was harder than we expected,” she says.

When I found out I’m pregnant, everything started changing

Even they knew that they’re in a great medical condition, it was still a big problem for Chloe to get pregnant. “I was being desperate,” Chloe admits. “John was talking about it every day, and I wanted his dream to come true. Then I finally found out I’m pregnant, but John started acting weird and I didn’t know why.”

All of a sudden, he started acting like he doesn’t want to have a baby anymore.

It was John, who come to Chloe and told her about his dream. But when she got pregnant, he changed his behavior.

“I had a feeling that John is not the same person anymore,” she says in the e-mail. I thought he will support me and will be happy about me being pregnant, but he didn’t act that way.”

I was stressed and I knew that wasn’t good for my baby

Chloe couldn’t understand why John’s acting changed. She was being stressed every day, and that wasn’t good for Chloe’s baby. “We had an argument almost every day”, Chloe continues. “My baby was kicking a lot and I had pain in my belly after every talk with John,” she confides.

He disappeared out of my life one day

Even they both agreed on having a baby together, John gave up. He just disappeared out of Chloe’s life. “I got back home from my gynecologist and I found an almost empty apartment,” she surprises us. “

Meanwhile she was at the doctor, John moved all his stuff and left. When I called him, he didn’t answer,” she says.


At the end of the e-mail from Chloe, we learn, that her relationship with John has definitely ended. Even he was the one, who had an idea to have a baby, he left her and never come back. Chloe was left alone with her baby.

Author: Nicole Grease