Olivia (45): One drop of water. I watched the family tragedy happening in front of my eyes

David was a happy father in a big family. David and Oliva have three kids. Unfortunately, the big tragedy changed everything and Olivia and her kids hope that once their father wakes up, everything will go back to normal again. As the doctor says, there is not a big chance of David being okay again. And all that just because of a small of drop of water.

This article is based on our reader’s story. All pictures shown are for illustrative purposes only. The names of the persons have been changed at the request of our reader.

“He’s always wanted to do everything by himself. I still don’t understand how something like this could have happened to us,” Olivia says. I would have never thought that he would not be careful while fixing the electricity in our house.”

He put his hand into an outlet. He ended up in a hospital and I didn’t know what to do

“I was right next to him when he was trying to fix the broken outlet. I asked him three times if he turned off the electricity in our house. I’m not sure if he forgot, or he thought he didn’t have to turn the electricity off, but the lightning was really big,” Olivia continues.

“My husband washed his hands right before he started and he probably didn’t use the towel properly. For sure he would normally feel the electricity, but the electricity was even stronger because of the water. He hit his head while he was passing out.”

Olivia called an ambulance right away. “I didn’t know what to do. I was watched him lying on the floor. The woman on the phone told me to start giving him the first aid and so I did. When they took David to the hospital, I wasn’t allowed to visit him because visitors were not allowed in the hospital at all.”

I just had to wait for a call from the hospital. They called after three hours, saying that David had a head surgery and he is in a coma. They also told me there is a chance that he might never wake up again. If so, no one knows how damaged his brain would be.

We don’t know what we’re going to do. Our kids stopped smiling since that day

Even the whole family hopes that David will be okay again, they’re worried that this story will end up sadly. “Our kids haven’t laughed since that day. They’re just quiet in their rooms, sitting and waiting,” Olivia says.

“Our oldest son David is already a grown-up but he still lives with us. He told me that he can’t focus on anything and he is constantly sad. Our younger daughters, Jessica and Olivia, are even sadder. They keep asking me when is David coming back home.”


For sure there is a small chance of David being totally okay once he wakes up, but the doctors are trying to prepare Olivia ready for the worst. “We hope he will wake up,” Olivia says.

The only thing what Olivia and her kids can do at the moment is to keep hoping, that David will wake up soon. “It was just a small thing. If he were be more careful, nothing would’ve happened. A small drop of water on his hands turned into a disaster, which is really hard to be okay with.”

Author: Cheryl Rush