Monica (50): Moving to a new place ended up unexpectedly. I feel like a stranger in a new place

When Monica turned forty, she felt she needed a life change. She tried a lot of different sports and activities, but nothing helped her to be happy.

This article is based on our reader’s story. All pictures shown are for illustrative purposes only. The names of the persons have been changed at the request of our reader.

She persuaded her husband to sell their house and move to a different country. Monica started feeling the big difference when they moved. She found out that learning a new language would be really hard for her. She wrote us an e-mail as she wanted to share her experience and say that it’s pretty hard to find new friends in a different country without knowing the language. She feels like a stranger in a new home.

They wanted to start a new life in a new country

“When I told my husband that I wanted to move to another country, he started laughing. He didn’t want to hear any more of my ideas,” she says. “But I was still talking about it and I wanted to do it.”

“After a while, I made him change his mind and my husband said yes. We moved to England,” Monica continues. They sold their house really quickly, packed some of the most essential stuff, since they wanted to start from the beginning.

They didn’t have a close family, so it wasn’t a problem to realize Monica’s idea. They started their adventure and spontaneously moved to a new country.

Monica thought she would learn a new language easily, but she didn’t know it would be a big problem

Monica didn’t know any English, her husband was a beginner. They both decided that they would start attending English classes together and they would start understand quickly. “My husband was pretty good, the classes weren’t hard for him. I had a lot of problems and I thought I would never be able to learn English,” she says.

They both did a good job and started understanding English a little bit. Unfortunately, Monica had a problem to have an advanced conversation.
She doesn’t have a problem at the post office, in a bar or at her workplace, but she has a big problem to find friends because of her English.

She didn’t find any friends

Even though Monica was trying hard to make new connections, she couldn’t make new friends. Everyone would have a short talk with her, but didn’t want to be a friend with her. “I started going for a yoga class to find new friends,” Monica says.

“All of them found out pretty quickly that my English was bad and they rather talked to each other,” she adds.
Monica stopped trying and felt lonely in the new place.

My husband got used to living here and doesn’t want to move back

When Monica told her husband about her problems, he just offered her some more English classes. “He promised me that he would learn English with me, but that wasn’t enough. I told him that I wanted to move back.” Her husband was furious about it.


“He told me that I was the one who wanted a change and there’s no chance he would move back. He told me to be strong and try harder,” Monica says. She is still really sad and doesn’t know what to do.

Author : Teresa Collins