Michael (24): Mom found a boyfriend after her divorce. He is the same age as me

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Dad found a younger mistress and left my mom because of her few months ago. Mom took it very hard. She couldn’t accept that her husband had replaced her with a younger model. A few months after the divorce, she found a new boyfriend to prove to her ex-husband that she can still be with someone. To repay him just as much, she found a much younger acquaintance. My mother’s boyfriend is as old as me!

The article was written based on a story of our reader. The photos are for illustration purposes only and the names of the people have been changed at the request of the reader.

Mom knew about dad’s lover, yet she was surprised by the divorce

Mom knew about dad’s lover, for she had quietly tolerated his mistress for several long months because she believed he would eventually come back to his senses. Although she knew about his girlfriend, the divorce process from her husband brought her to her knees. She didn’t expect it to turn out that way.

After the divorce, she wanted to prove to him that she still can be with someone

The parents’ divorce went smoothly. The judge did not need to prolong the trial in any way, so they were divorced during the first trial. While dad was enjoying a new life with his girlfriend, mom was sitting at home like a picture of misery. But then something changed in her and she turned around completely. She found a boyfriend to prove to my dad that she still can do it.

There would be nothing wrong with that since my mother also has the right to love but the problem was that she found a friend as old as her son.

Dad laughs at it and I suffer quietly

When my dad found out about my mother’s new boyfriend, he bursted out laughing. The fact that she found a cub seemed incredibly funny to him. Mom tried to cope with his reaction with a smile and pretended to be incredibly happy alongside her new boyfriend. But I suffered quietly because seeing a man who is as old as me next to my mother seems ridiculous to me.

The worst thing for me is that my mom makes me get along with her new boyfriend. She thinks that if we are the same age, we automatically would get on well with each other. But how am I supposed to understand a man who sleeps with my mother and is still my age?!

Mom keeps this relationship

I don’t trust my mother’s new boyfriend. She may love him but I’m sure he’s just taking money from her. It’s no secret that my mom supports him financially. I have witnessed several times that she bought him new clothes, paid for their weekend trip or took him to expensive dinners. Mom thinks he loves her but I think he’s only interested in her money.

My dad is of the opinion that mom found a young cub just to pay him back with the same coin. He, too, found a younger mistress but did not go to such an extreme that he started a relationship with a woman who is as old as his child. Mom won this fight, although I’m not sure if she has any reason to be proud of herself.

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