Frank (49): My ex-wife found a toy boy after we got divorced. She wanted to show me she is still good enough

“When I told my wife that I would like to get divorced, she was furious. She couldn’t understand why am I leaving her after twenty years of marriage. The reason was that our relationship lost that beautiful vibe and we lived together just as roommates,” says Frank who wasn’t sure about getting divorced. He decided to do it after all.

The article was written based on the story of our reader. The photos are for illustration purposes only and the names of the people have been changed at the request of the reader.

Everything went easy

“Divorce proceedings didn’t take a long time. Judge didn’t have any reason to make this case any longer.”

Because of their two adult kids who already lived by themselves, the court was really quick and there wasn’t a lot of things to talk about.

“I thought that we’ll stay in contact with my wife after we’ll get divorced. I was really naive.”

My ex-wife wanted to show me, what I’ve lost

Frank moved out of the apartment where he lived with his wife, after the process was done. He thought, that they will still be friends and they will stay in contact, but his wife already had different plans. She wanted to show Frank, that he made a big mistake.

Just a few weeks after the divorce, Frank met his ex-wife in a grocery store. “There was a young man walking by her side and I thought he is just a random customer. When my wife saw me, she grabbed his hand and wanted me to be sad for seeing her with another man,” Frank continues.

She wanted a revenge with a young man by her side

It didn’t even take a few days and my friends told me that my ex-wife found a new boyfriend. “That was when I realized that what I thought and saw in the store was true,” Frank says. My wife just found a toy boy to show me, that I really made a big mistake, he smiles.

His ex-wife really found a young boyfriend, who was even younger than their kids. She thought that Frank will be sad and he will come back, but something totally different happened.

People in the town were pointing at her

Frank continues with his story, while saying that people started pointing at her ex-wife while she was in the town.

“We lived in a really small town, so everyone knew everything right away. So, it was a biggest rumor in the town, when she found such a young boyfriend. And this new shocked everyone,” Frank explains.

“My wife thought if she’ll find a young boyfriend, I’ll regret our divorce. But people were laughing behind her back her because she was dating a really young man.”, he continues.

She said I’m the bad one

After a few weeks, his ex-wife broke up with her boyfriend. She couldn’t stand what people were saying about her.


The worst part was when she said, that everything she did was my fault, Frank laughs, because this situation is really ridiculous in his eyes.

“She started saying, that everything she did was my fault, because I was the one who left her. But I’m not the one, who people are pointing at for being with a young boy and trying to be cool,” Frank ends his story.

Author: Nicole Grease