Frank (40): Two shrews in one household. I am afraid of what comes next. They have already crossed the line

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Every other man would consider Frank to be one lucky fellow. Fifteen years ago, he married a beautiful woman named Elize. All his friends envied him at that time – and still envy to this day. Elize takes care of herself and men like her. Although Frank should be a happy man, he has been troubled lately by the upbringing of their daughter, Nicole.

The article was written based on the reader’s story. The photos are for illustration purposes only and the names of the people have been changed at the request of the reader.

What troubles him? Why is Frank worried that his daughter will be exactly the same as her mother? And why does he think she might be unhappy about it one day?

My friends hated me because I picked her up

I met Elize seventeen years ago. We were both in college at that time, and I’m not going to lie if I say she was the hottest girl in school.

All the boys wanted her and all the girls hated her from their hearts. She was beautiful, and she knew it all too well.

My friends hated me when I started dating Elize. Some of them couldn’t get over it even years later, and our friendship fizzled out completely. I considered myself to be super lucky – I had the most beautiful girl in the world. But there were downsides…

Beauty comes at a cost. The cost may be a personality

Everyone saw only Elize’s perfect body and stunning face. But her beauty had two sides of the coin – she was really beautiful, but also very pretentious.

She despised people who didn’t care for their appearance or who looked completely ordinary. She even refused to talk to them. I was aware that I didn’t like Elize‘s behavior, but I still loved her.

That’s why I married her, although my mom warned me at the time that I won’t be happy with her. Only now years later do I know she was right.

She raises our daughter in her own image. I am worried she will turn out just like her

Twelve years ago, our daughter Nikola was born. I have always told myself that I would raise responsible and sensible children. Unfortunately, my wife is going against me in that regard.

Because the apple doesn’t fall far away from the tree, and I am genuinely afraid that one day she will be exactly the same as her mom – pretentious, despising, and mean to people.

I should stand up to my wife, but I feel like I don’t have a lead in my house — and I never had. Often I even feel that Elize is with me just because I pay for all those expensive rags, handbags, or cosmetic procedures.


I’m afraid that if I tried to resist, she would leave me with our daughter. And I don’t want to let that happen. At least now I can watch over her, even though I can’t interfere too much with her upbringing.

Author: Nicole Grease