Brandon (53): My daughter moved abroad because of a man. At first, she lived a dream, then it became a nightmare

by Adéla Vocetková
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When our daughter told us that she’s going to introduce her boyfriend to us, we were excited. She wasn’t really lucky when it comes to relationships. She had a history of failed relationships and we hoped that this time she is going to be finally happy. But he was one surprise after another.

The article was based on a reader’s story. The photographs are for illustrative purposes only and the names of the persons have been changed at the reader’s request.

I never judge people

My wife and I are both tolerant and do not judge people based on their looks. But I’d lie if I said that we weren’t surprised when she showed up with a dark-skinned exotic man.
But she seemed happy with him and that was the only thing we cared about. They both spoke the same language too.

She decided to move abroad with him

Soon after she introduced us, she told us she wants to go abroad with him. At first, we thought that she wants to go just for some time to see his homeland. The fact that she wanted to stay there shocked us. The idea of her being so far in a land she doesn’t know wouldn’t let me sleep. But she was determined to do so.

We weren’t invited to her wedding

Klára is our only daughter and every father will surely agree that it is important to take his little girl down the aisle one day. Sadly, I couldn’t, because she got married abroad without even telling us. We weren’t invited to our daughter’s wedding, which hurt us deeply.

But the worst part was still to come. She loved it at first, telling us all the time that she had never been happier. But very soon her dream became a nightmare.

She wasn’t able to adapt to their culture

About two years after the wedding everything had changed. Happy messages we were receiving turned into cries full of despair. She wasn’t able to adapt to their traditions. For example, that a man can have multiple wives.

At first, she was living happily in an exotic land with a man she loved, but then everything had changed. And she couldn’t even come back home, because he took her passport.

Those years were a nightmare for us

For three years we were trying to get her home. It took her ages to get a passport. She was trapped. And divorcing him was really complicated, too.

Now she’s finally home, divorced and you’d think she’d be happy. But the years spent with him have changed her. Who knows, if she’s ever going to be able to trust men again.

Author: Nicole Grease

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