An entire life with a manipulator. Eve (68) gives advice on how to deal with him

Our reader Eve has shared her life story about a toxic relationship with a manipulative husband. As a young woman, she noticed that her friends had children and were married, while Eve remained single. She wished to start her own family so much that she ended up in a relationship with a man who continuously bullied her throughout her life. Now, she has finally left him and enjoys her freedom.

The article was based on a story of our reader. The photographs are for illustrative purposes only and the people’s names have been changed at the reader’s request.

Eve was young and naive

She met her husband Mateo through her friend, who told her that he is a nice man and currently single as well. The couple paired up not long after.

The beginnings of their relationship were sweet and full of love. Both of them were attentive to each other and all lovey-dovey. „I fell out of love after two years and I started to notice my husband’s negative side,“ says Eve.

He turned into a manipulator and tried to outsmart her

“He always wanted it to look like I made my own decision,” she describes. Her husband asked her questions in a way that she did not feel not comfortable refuse.

He urged her to cook for him, clean, and to stay at home with him at all times. Later on, Eve realized that she lost many hobbies and friends because her husband kept her at home.

He never forbid her anything nor made any orders, but his words always sounded like a pleading request. Eve was never able to refuse.

After she finally refused, he started to blackmail her

“One day I finally had enough and decided to put on make-up and go out to have some fun,” she describes. When her husband realized what is going on, he opted for a new tactics.

He wanted to look like a victim, fell on a bed, and pretended to be sick. Eve blamed herself for hurting him needlessly and decided to stay home. This situation repeated itself multiple times.

He hurt her all her life

“My husband always found a way to come up with something new. He wanted me to feel guilty and bad. This way he gained his strength. Even though he did not insult me, he hurt me really bad,” she sighs.

Her social circle never understood her issue. He did not scream at her and everyone thought she was overreacting. But he caused her so much pain that she finally decided to leave and lead a better life.

Before she left her husband, he tried to convince her to stay, but she saw through his tactics. She knew of every next step he took.


He cried, pretended to feel sick, claimed to kill himself, but after many long months he finally let her go, and now she finally feels happy.

Author: Tara Newman