Susan (36): An epilation at home ended as a disaster. The burns were just a beginning, then it got worse

by Šárka Blahoňovská
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She wanted to be beautiful for her husband. But instead, she just spent a large amount on a device that caused her serious health issues. After weeks of pain and lots of money spent on cooling gels, Susan is sure: She never wants to undergo epilation again.

The article was written based on the story of our reader. The photos are for illustration purposes only and the names of the people have been changed at the request of the reader.

Her friends allegedly advised her to go for a special laser epilation to the salon. But when she found out the price, she decided it would be better to buy the device and use it at home. Unfortunately, unprofessional conduct had its consequences.

I tried razor blades, waxes, and electric shavers. Nothing worked

Susan confesses that she has tried every possible way to get rid of her body hair. ‘Unfortunately, I’m one of those women that nature has given a little more to. Although I shave several times a week, in two days my legs are hairy again,’ she describes.

‘There’s too much work with a razor blade. Plus, it goes blunt right away, and I’ve cut my legs more than once. I tried wax, but just like the depilator, it was very painful. Finally, my friend told me to try a laser epilator.

The difference between an electric hair removal and a laser epilator is that while a depilator pulls hairs out of the body, a laser epilator removes them using a painless laser method, and removes the roots as well, leaving the skin smooth for a long time.

‘In the salon, I’d pay half of the price of the epilator itself. As it was clear to me that I would need the procedure quite often, I preferred to buy the device straight away. Even though it cost me big money, I decided to try it out. But I shouldn’t have done it,’ says Susan.

The process was painless. But in the night, my legs started burning

Although Susan felt nothing during the epilation, she woke up in the night feeling pain and burning skin. ‘When I woke up, my legs were completely red and burnt in several places, similar to a carpet burn. But this was only the beginning,’ she says.

Susan began to put healing ointments on her legs, only to develop painful blisters in some places. She eventually went to see a dermatologist.

‘I’ve been putting ointments on the affected areas for several weeks. Unfortunately, I was not able to return the device and get my money back, because I failed to claim the treadmill. I threw away the receipt. Besides, I admitted that I hadn’t read the instructions for use, so it was my carelessness that was responsible for the burns.’

It has never crossed Susan’s mind that this expensive device would cause such a catastrophe. ‘My husband told me to rather stay hairy than spend so much money on getting my legs burned. And he was right.’

Susan’s legs will never be the same. Her blisters left her with ugly scars.

‘Today I shave my legs very carefully. Instead of feeling prettier, I’m now ashamed to go out in shorts because of the scars down my legs. I made probably the biggest mistake of my life.’

Author: Nicole Grease

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