Jane (36): After reading my story, you might feel ashamed. Maybe you’re hurting your loved ones in the same way

Jane is a confectioner who, until recently, loved her job. She combined the good with the useful and enchanted not only her customers but also her family with her work. She served her son and her husband cakes and pancakes for breakfast every day. Unfortunately, these two paid a high price for this.

The article was based on the reader’s story. The photographs are for illustrative purposes only and the names of the persons have been changed at the reader’s request.

“It’s always been important to me that my family feels good. I didn’t realize that I was actually hurting them with that care, “she admits.” Now my husband is sick and my son became an object of jokes at school.”

The husband was diagnosed with diabetes. The son gained ten kilos in just half a year

It never occurred to Jane that her activity would harm her family.” I have a small business where I sell sandwiches and desserts. People praised me,” she describes. “They often tell me that they envy those of whom I take care of at home. Until recently, I thought they had a reason to say so.”

The reader admits that her work is also her passion. “Of course, I don’t sell my products only but I like to bake very much and I don’t avoid baking at home either.  I spoiled my husband and son to such extend that now they want nothing but my sweet treats for breakfast.”

It wasn’t a problem for Jane until some time ago. But now she has to keep her two eaters on a short leash. Unfortunately, it turned out that the husband has diabetes. In addition, the son admitted a few days later that kids were laughing at him at school because he is obese.”

It’s true that we are not following a healthy lifestyle. It’s not so much visible on my husband but my son really gained about ten kilos in half a year which is a lot for a boy in a third grade, “says Jane. “Now I’m ashamed I hurt them so much.”

I just wanted the best for them

“Sometimes you think you’re doing the best for your loved ones but you hurt them instead,” said Jane in her report. “Consider whether you sometimes do the opposite for your loved ones, so that you don’t regret it as I do,” she adds.

Jane started going to swimming classes with her son. According to her, she also needs to lose weight and does not want her child to be laughed at.” We finished with cakes at home. We have one day set aside for the son to have dessert after lunch. Unfortunately, the husband is not allowed to do that at all,” she says.

The whole situation influenced Jane’s work. She no longer enjoys selling sweets, she does not bake her own products at all and customers quite lack some of the pieces she used to supply.” I explained to my regular customers what is the case. However, the number of clients has decreased,” she admits.


According to Jane, maybe it’s time to start thinking more about the family, finding another job and fixing everything she did with her sweets. “I’m sorry, I wanted to help but unfortunately it turned out to be exactly the opposite.”

Author: Cheryl Rush