Jennifer (40): My neighbours blame me for something disgusting. I didn’t want to hurt the dog

by Šárka Blahoňovská
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People point fingers at her and call her names. The reaction of her neighbors made Jennifer sad and she can’t look them in the eyes. She didn’t do it on purpose, the whole thing was an unfortunate accident.

The article was written based on the story of our reader. The photos are for illustration purposes only and the names of the people have been changed at the request of the reader.

The incident happened less than a year ago. Jennifer was supposed to take her boyfriend’s dog to get vaccinated while he was at work. She didn’t want to, she didn’t really like the pet.

I had to choose: it was him and the dog, or nothing

After breaking up with a long-term boyfriend, I was alone for a while. After that, I met Michael. I liked him and I wanted to have a serious relationship with him. But there was a catch: Digi the dog.

I didn’t like the dog from the beginning. She didn’t like the fact that her master was paying attention to someone else, too, often letting me know her discontentment. I had to choose: a relationship with Michael, or nothing. The problem was that I had to accept his dog as well.

I tried to live with her. But I didn’t love her

I didn’t want to miss out on a relationship with Michael, which is why I tried to live with Digi. I never had much love for her, though. If the dog could talk, I’m sure she’d tell you she has similar feelings toward me.

Except for this obstacle, my boyfriend made me feel happy. It worked for us and I was floating on a cloud nine again. And then something happened. My neighbors and Michael still can’t forgive me.

I forgot the dog in the car

Michael asked me if I would take Digi for a vaccination. I didn’t want to, but I agreed. We went to the vet that afternoon. On the way home, I got a call from a friend I hadn’t heard from in a long time.

I parked my car, took the call and went home. I was so deep in that conversation, I didn’t realize I’d forgotten the dog in the car.

I was taken aback by the banging on the door

I spent the afternoon cleaning the house. I was distracted by banging on the door. Behind them was a neighbor who immediately started calling me names about what kind of beast I was and why did I do that. At first, I didn’t understand anything.

It wasn’t until afterward that I noticed that the windows of my car had been shattered. A neighbor yelled at me that I had left my dog in a hot car and her husband had just driven it to the vet.

No one believes me that I didn’t do it on purpose

I went right after them, of course. Even with a smashed car window. I got another ice shower at the vet. First from a neighbour, then from a vet who called me an irresponsible woman who had harmed an innocent animal.

When Michael found out, he was so angry. He and the neighbors don’t believe me that I didn’t do it on purpose. I didn’t really mean to hurt her, though.

It’s almost been a year since it happened. My neighbours still look down on me. Michael acts like he has forgiven me, but I know that deep down he hasn’t.

Author: Nicole Grease

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