Sarah (32): My best friend left the town so I borrowed her boyfriend

by Adéla Vocetková
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Do you know that unwritten rule, that whoever is interested in your best friend, doesn’t exist for you anymore? I never liked this rule. If I would like a man, I would get him. I don’t care if he’s already partnered. If I want it, I got it.

The article was written based on the story of our reader. The photos are for illustration purposes only and the names of the people have been changed at the request of the reader.

I’m leaving the town, please make sure my husband will be alright

Me and my friend Susan promised to each other a few years ago, that nothing can end our friendship. We knew everything about each other, even the deepest secrets. If one of us needed something, we knew that we can call even during the night.

When Susan called me, that she’s leaving the town for a three weeks, and asked me if I can make sure her husband will survive those three weeks, it wasn’t a problem for me.

By that time, I didn’t even know, what will happen.

Peter was always a good looking guy

Susan and her boyfriend Peter were together for a long time and their relationship looked really serious.

Susan even told Sarah that they were talking about a wedding. Sarah was happy for Susan’s relationship, but she had to admit, that Peter was a really good looking guy and Sarah really liked him.

Right after Susan left, I invited Peter to have a dinner with me. I was joking that he should celebrate his three weeks of freedom. Peter accepted Sarah’s invitation and come over. None of them didn’t know that their dinner will not be just a dinner.

Just if Susan would know

I thought when I’ll wake up, I’ll feel bad about what happened the previous night. But I felt totally okay. Instead of sending Peter away in the morning, we had a wonderful lovemaking again. We were spending the nights together every single day.

Susan was calling me or Peter every day. She always asked how are the things and if Peter is okay. We were both telling her, that everything is alright and she believed us. Just if she would know what’s going on in her apartment every night.

We’re still meeting each other

I had a wonderful three weeks with Peter, while Susan was gone. Even we knew, that there is no future between us, we couldn’t give up on our great time together.

When Susan came back from her spa weekend, me and Peter were pretending that nothing happened.

We’re still meeting with Peter sometimes. For sure Susan doesn’t know about it. If she would know, she would probably kill us. I feel like I’m not being fair with Susan sometimes. But then I remember how good is the time with Peter and I don’t regret anything.

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