Robert (29): No woman is good enough for my mom. She destroys every single relationship I have

by Adéla Vocetková
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After an unpleasant divorce my mother and I lived alone. I was 13 when my parents got divorced. The reason was that my father had cheated on my mom and she couldn’t forgive him. Even though my father tried to fix the broken relationship, my mom had no will to do so and divorced him. Then she clung onto the only man she had – me!

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I was a mommy’s boy

When me and my mom ended up alone, she turned all her attention to me. At first it was pleasant for me to have everything I wanted. I became a mommy’s boy and I used all its benefits happily.

The older I got, the more I began to hate it. I wanted to date girls, but mom was keeping me on a short leash. She wouldn’t let me go out until I promised that I’m going with boys.

She decided that there is no woman that’d be good enough

I’ve had a few relationships throughout years. Every time, when things got serious between us, I introduced her to my mom, believing that she’ll love my girl just as much as I did. But no woman was ever good enough in her eyes.
She basically chases every girl away from me, sooner or later.

She finds a problem every time

I’m old enough to have a serious relationship and I’d even like to have a family soon. But I wasn’t able to get that yet, thanks to my mom. She always finds a problem. One girl wasn’t good at cooking. That was terrible in her opinion, a woman needs to be able to take care of her husband, right?

Another girl took way too much care of herself, so my mom viewed her as too cheap for me. No matter who I introduced to her, she always found a problem and let the girl know that she was not good enough for me. All of them gave up and ran away.

I’ll just have to choose

My mom is really important to me. How wouldn’t she, when I spent so many years just with her. But on the other side, if she keeps affecting my life this much, it could happen that I’ll never find love. I’m afraid that no girl is ever going to be good enough and that she’ll always chase her away.

I’ll have to decide. Either I find a girlfriend and eventually have a family with her or I’ll let my mom’s opinions affect my life. She always says that it’s for my own good, but now I see that it’s no help at all.

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